Stunning Wedding Photography in Marbella

What a wedding! The bride plays in the West End production of Shrek and many of her friends and family are in show business too, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to hear them all singing and laughing as they were getting ready. What’s more, they were really good, so it sounded amazing. Then came the crunch moment as a song pre-recorded by the lovely bride was played as a surprise for the groom when she walked down the aisle. It had the desired effect – and everybody was full of emotion, I can tell you. Read more

Adding a touch of fun with Partyboothz – Fun wedding ideas!

Partyboothz – Fun wedding ideas!

Now we all know that marriage is a serious business, a commitment built on love and togetherness, but a wedding day is an expression of joy and happiness that infects even the most unromantic of people. So it’s hardly strange that those who come to share in your happiness want to make a fun occasion of it, as well as a memorable one. Read more