A romance in Newcastle and getting married in Marbella

Getting Married in Marbella

I am used to dealing with happy, excited couples surrounded by their loved ones, but Rachel and Peter stole the show recently with a truly inspiring wedding held at the Don Carlos under the Marbella sun. The beautiful bride and her handsome groom were celebrating here a very special connection that had begun in England’s northeast and I was fortunate, as always, to capture their happiness. Read more

Romantic summer wedding in Marbella, Finca La Concepción

Romantic Summer Wedding in Marbella

Karen and her fiancé got in touch with me from their home in Liverpool. They wanted to celebrate their wedding in Marbella, in sunny, romantic surroundings that would be private and intimate, and when they saw Finca la Concepción they knew they had found it. This beautiful spot on the edge of Marbella, where the country road leads to the little mountain village of Istán, was just the place they had been hoping for. Read more

A country wedding in Southern Spain

 A country wedding in Southern Spain

It was like one of those romantic movies where friends and family come together in the countryside in Provence or Tuscany, only in this case the setting was Casares in our own stunning Andalusian countryside. The mountains, greenery and white village close by provided a backdrop that was certainly worthy of a movie, and I think the beautiful Sonia, her proud groom John and their (large) following were definitely impressed. Read more

Top tips for brides marrying in Spain

Top tips for brides marrying in Spain
Now as you know I’m quite a blokey guy, biking leathers and all, so I wouldn’t dream of telling brides what to do when it comes to all that girlie stuff, but you see, over the years I have been to a lot of weddings and I have seen what makes it a great success and where it can go wrong, so here’s some tips that might prove useful. Read more

Irish wedding bliss – Weddings on the Costa Del Sol

Weddings on the Costa del Sol – Irish wedding bliss!

September is a perfect time of year for weddings on the Costa del Sol thanks to the warm early autumn weather and that soft rich light. It was just like that for the wedding of Claire and Stephen, a very sweet Irish couple who chose the rich ambience of Casa Los Bates near Motril for their day.

Claire looked lovely and the images I got of her during the preparations were full of feeling and atmosphere. The people who travelled with them were great fun and so was the team assembled by Moira of Perfect Spanish Weddings. Under her knowing guidance everything was on time and as it should be, contributing to a picture perfect day. Read more

South Spain Wedding bliss ‘down under’

South Spain Wedding bliss

By down under I mean Southern Spain, though groom David was actually born in the real Down Under. He and his lovely, smiling bride Lucy got the sun, the setting and the wonderful day they deserved. They were married at the picturesque La Cala Church, then allowed me to make some romantic images of them on the beach before joining their guests at Hacienda San José.

Read more

David Toms debuts in Sweden – Professional Wedding Photography Marbella

David Toms has recently been featured in Svenska Magasinet and Spanien Magasinet. Both are Swedish publications that cater to the demand of couples wanting to marry abroad. It seems more people are seeking to tie the knot in the Spanish sun and on  Spanish beaches, rather than opting for a traditional Swedish wedding.  He offers professional wedding photography in Marbella, covering the entire Costa Del Sol.
Professional Wedding Photography MarbellaProfessional Wedding Photography MarbellaProfessional Wedding Photography MarbellaProfessional Wedding Photography MarbellaProfessional Wedding Photography MarbellaProfessional Wedding Photography Marbella