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To book your wedding photography or to have a chat with David Toms about his wedding photography service and how he can capture your big day, please use the contact information below or click through to our contact page


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Are you the photographer?

Yes. I work alone because I like to be sure everything is done perfectly. However I have three trusted photographers who back me up. Should the unforeseen happen, I can guarantee that all will go according to plan.

Do you have back-up equipment?

I work with two cameras all the time. To capture a moment, you need to cover every angle, and I believe that if you’ve seen it with your eyes, then you’ve probably missed it with your camera! Times like that are even more important on your wedding day, so I also carry a third camera, flash cards, lenses and an extra flashgun as a further back-up.

Are your digital systems secure and safe?

I take every precaution! I use a Nikon D3s camera body (which won the TIPA 2010 award for the best professional camera on the market), Nikon NIKKOR ED lenses, both Nikon and Metz flashguns, Lexar and SanDisk compact flash cards, etc. I shoot with two flash cards in the camera, so each and every image I take is being stored on two separate memory devices, in case one of them should fail or corrupt an image. Back in the studio we burn the RAW files onto DVDs and back them up onto two separate Lacie hard drives, while one of my assistants also stores an archived copy of all the images at a different location. Once all the images have been edited, printed and presented, we save all of the versions (RAW, TIFF and JPEG), again on two separate hard drives, on DVD, and at two locations.

How would you define your style of photography?

I’ve been a professional photographer since the 90s and have been involved in hundreds of magazine, editorial, fashion, lifestyle and property shoots. Weddings are a particular passion, since as a photographer they present me with everything I want: personal detail, fashion, formal groupings, as well as atmospheric and candid shots. I love to capture the moment and a wedding day offers this possibility more than any other occasion. I use a long telephoto lens so I’m not seen until I need to be. This is the secret to creating a natural style, which results in very relaxed shots. I offer both formal and artistic approaches, as a wedding will typically require both.

What would you say is the most important thing for you on a wedding day?

I need people to be happy and in love and I will capture and convey that vibe! I find that at weddings people tend to be happy and well dressed, and you have an invitation to the most important day of their lives. Wedding photography requires advanced people management skills; I try to make everyone feel relaxed and at ease with a bit of unobtrusive guidance. In this industry experience counts, but I also believe that the energy I throw into the day is rewarded in what you get back from the people, and the photography that ultimately produces.

Some photographers are bossy.

Oh yes, I know. However I’m not at all that way. I can stand in front of 200 people and get their attention while also being understanding in a gentle way. I prefer to let people be themselves and feel good. I like positive, happy images. I love to capture moments that the participants can still relate to in years to come.

Do you use Photoshop?

Yes. We use a number of image manipulation programmes on Apple Mac systems. We can do whatever is needed to make you look your best in every way.

How many photographs do you take?

“If you have seen it then you have missed it.” How many times have you seen a great potential shot, reached for your camera – and it’s gone? I am driven by a passion that is enabled by a natural skill and refined by years of experience. I can never take enough photos; usually in a full wedding day shoot (eight to ten hours) I will shoot 1000 to 1200 images. It all depends on the wedding. At every stage my main aim is to present you at your best.

Do I get the hard copies of images?

Yes, depending on your requirements, you receive a DVD with all the fully edited images from which you can print any and all sizes. If you would like us to create a wedding album for you it also comes with an additional PDF file of the album. There are different styles, sizes and qualities of album available, and we will normally work with the photo selections you have chosen. This usually numbers around 75 to 150 for both traditional albums and the beautifully designed digital albums available by Graphistudio.

What sizes are the digital images?

There are no hidden charges for bigger sizes; images are plus 300 dpi at full frame, so you don’t pay extra for full-size images.

What’s the quality of the photographs like?

Top quality. I shoot in a RAW format so there are no compression issues; digital is tonally different and gives a cleaner look than film. We can also do more on a studio level in post-production.