Love crosses national boundaries at Estepona wedding

Though they live in Dublin, where they met, Agnieszka and Tommy found love across the borders. She hails from Poland and he is a local lad, and together they are a lovely couple who just want to be together.

For their wedding they chose the sun. That is to say, Spain, and in particular the Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Encarnación in Marbella. This beautiful church in the atmospheric old town of Marbella was a wonderful setting for the wedding, and the maze of streets and squares around it were just perfect for the wedding photos. Read more

A Spanish summer’s fairy tale wedding

The cynics among you might say romance is gone but I know it’s alive and well. I see it at every wedding I am privileged to be a part of: romance, love and the special bond between two people and their circles of family and friends. These are the things that make the world go round, and it does me good to be a part of so many beautiful days.

Add the sunny weather and the beautiful settings to choose from and you can see why people travel from across Europe to get married in Southern Spain. Natalia and Andreas came with their loved ones from Norway to enjoy their special moment in the sun. To be fair, it was a hot summer’s day, but it all came off so beautifully that I think we all rocked.  A true fairy tale wedding! Read more

David Toms photographs stunning penthouse apartment overlooking Nueva Andalucía golf

David is renowned for the quality of his Marbella wedding photography, as well as his personable manner and ability to capture the special moments while making people feel at ease, but he is also a highly skilled photographer in other fields. One of these is residential or property photography, where his eye for composition, detail and also his technical skills in balancing light and views really come into their own. Read more

A June wedding in Nerja

What an amazing couple. Heather and Jason came over from Ireland with their friends and family to share a fantastic moment in Nerja. Unusually, for June, it was a somewhat cloudy day, but this couldn’t dampen spirits as these people love life – and each other – too much.

We may not have been able to order the sun out on the day, but everything else was picture perfect, courtesy of Jenny (, who combines American drive and perfectionism with a lot of years’ experience planning weddings in Spain. Read more

First birthday in the park – Professional Photography Marbella

First birthday in the park – Professional Photography Marbella

Check out this little guy enjoying his first birthday cake. Isn’t his face priceless!
As much as I love wedding photography, it’s great to get the chance to do some portrait work too – especially with kids, who are so funny and unpredictable that you never quite know what’s going to happen. Read more

David Toms the property photographer in Marbella

David Toms – The property photographer in Marbella

Many of you might know me better as a wedding photographer, and yes, it is one of my specialities and something I really do love doing, but I have also always been very much involved with other types of work.

When you become known for one thing people sometimes forget that’s not all you do, so here’s something from one of my other passions: architectural photography. I especially love working on Marbella’s modern, open-plan villas like this because they offer uncluttered space, large windows that allow you to offer perspectives towards the outdoors and the often stunning views, and because you get to work with those amazing angles and highlight the architectural and interior styling. Read more

An American wedding in Andalucia

An American wedding in Andalucia

Anna and Dan came over from the US to enjoy the autumn sun of Southern Spain. They choose the Almoraima Hotel for their wedding not only because it is a great venue but also because it lies in the midst of fantastic Andalusian countryside. It was great to see how so many of their guests had flown in from across the world to share the moment with them, and as always the setting lived up to expectations. Read more

A September fairytale wedding in Spain

September Wedding in Spain

Finca Concepción, on the country road between Marbella and the little town of Istán on the Costa del Sol, can be a real fairytale setting in autumn. And so it was on the day Sheena and David came here to be wed. OK, the day was overcast and dull by our standards, but it was dry, the temperature gentle and the setting simply fantastic. Read more

Getting married in the Spanish sunshine

Getting married in the Spanish sunshine

People choose to get married in Spain because they like the idea of getting married in the sun, perhaps within earshot of waves breaking on the shore or within sight of stunning country scenery. They come to the Costa del Sol because they’re (almost) certain of a rain-free day, because the bright weather helps spirits rise and because the lifestyle encourages them to let their hair down and have a great time. They also like the pretty little churches they exchange their vows in and the picturesque Andalusian villages and historic quarters that are just made for wedding photography. But I think that above all, people love to get married in Marbella because it is such a romantic place. Read more

A country wedding in Southern Spain

 A country wedding in Southern Spain

It was like one of those romantic movies where friends and family come together in the countryside in Provence or Tuscany, only in this case the setting was Casares in our own stunning Andalusian countryside. The mountains, greenery and white village close by provided a backdrop that was certainly worthy of a movie, and I think the beautiful Sonia, her proud groom John and their (large) following were definitely impressed. Read more