David Toms photographs stunning penthouse apartment overlooking Nueva Andalucía golf

David is renowned for the quality of his Marbella wedding photography, as well as his personable manner and ability to capture the special moments while making people feel at ease, but he is also a highly skilled photographer in other fields. One of these is residential or property photography, where his eye for composition, detail and also his technical skills in balancing light and views really come into their own. Read more

First birthday in the park – Professional Photography Marbella

First birthday in the park – Professional Photography Marbella

Check out this little guy enjoying his first birthday cake. Isn’t his face priceless!
As much as I love wedding photography, it’s great to get the chance to do some portrait work too – especially with kids, who are so funny and unpredictable that you never quite know what’s going to happen. Read more

David Toms the property photographer in Marbella

David Toms – The property photographer in Marbella

Many of you might know me better as a wedding photographer, and yes, it is one of my specialities and something I really do love doing, but I have also always been very much involved with other types of work.

When you become known for one thing people sometimes forget that’s not all you do, so here’s something from one of my other passions: architectural photography. I especially love working on Marbella’s modern, open-plan villas like this because they offer uncluttered space, large windows that allow you to offer perspectives towards the outdoors and the often stunning views, and because you get to work with those amazing angles and highlight the architectural and interior styling. Read more

A September fairytale wedding in Spain

September Wedding in Spain

Finca Concepción, on the country road between Marbella and the little town of Istán on the Costa del Sol, can be a real fairytale setting in autumn. And so it was on the day Sheena and David came here to be wed. OK, the day was overcast and dull by our standards, but it was dry, the temperature gentle and the setting simply fantastic. Read more

Local love – a classic wedding ceremony in Marbella

Local love – a classic wedding ceremony in Marbella

Though not actually Marbellí or even Spanish, Roslin and Hugo can be considered to be ‘locals’ since they have live and work here for some time. This lively, happy couple run www.marbellarentabike.com, and they live not far away in a lovely part of Marbella, so when they decided to get married, naturally it had to be under the Spanish sun. Read more

Irish wedding bliss – Weddings on the Costa Del Sol

Weddings on the Costa del Sol – Irish wedding bliss!

September is a perfect time of year for weddings on the Costa del Sol thanks to the warm early autumn weather and that soft rich light. It was just like that for the wedding of Claire and Stephen, a very sweet Irish couple who chose the rich ambience of Casa Los Bates near Motril for their day.

Claire looked lovely and the images I got of her during the preparations were full of feeling and atmosphere. The people who travelled with them were great fun and so was the team assembled by Moira of Perfect Spanish Weddings. Under her knowing guidance everything was on time and as it should be, contributing to a picture perfect day. Read more

A touch of bliss at Finca La Concepción Marbella Wedding

Finca La Concepción Marbella Wedding

It was early June, a warm balmy day in Marbella with lots of that bright sunny light. Carmel and Jon, a young couple who currently live in Hong Kong, had chosen this spot on the south coast of Spain for their wedding, and as they made their way over from the Far East their friends and family were joining them from the UK. Read more

Ronda wedding magic

Ronda wedding magic

This beautiful country town just over half an hour inland from Marbella somehow forms the perfect backdrop for a wedding. Not surprisingly, it’s a popular wedding destination, and not just with local couples. Luke and Marie Clare chose Ronda as the setting for their spring wedding, and the friends and family who travelled with them soon saw why.

Picture this: crowds gathering outside a pretty old whitewash and stone church in the gorgeous historic quarter of Ronda. The spring weather is sunny but not too hot to wilt the flowers in the groomsmen’s buttonholes or the glow on the ladies’ faces. Bright colours abound and offset the clear white of the bride’s dress as she enters the scene. Needless to say, it was a beautiful moment, and one where I was hard-pressed to keep up with all the fantastical visuals that were coming my way – but I think I managed. Read more