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Local love – a classic wedding ceremony in Marbella

Local love – a classic wedding ceremony in Marbella Though not actually Marbellí or even Spanish, Roslin and Hugo can be considered to be ‘locals’ since they have live and work here for some time. This lively, happy couple run www.marbellarentabike.com, and they live not far away in a lovely part of Marbella, so when […]

Top tips for brides marrying in Spain

Now as you know I’m quite a blokey guy, biking leathers and all, so I wouldn’t dream of telling brides what to do when it comes to all that girlie stuff, but you see, over the years I have been to a lot of weddings and I have seen what makes it a great success and where it can go wrong, so here’s some tips that might prove useful.

A mind-blowing Marbella wedding!

A mind-blowing Marbella wedding You can imagine I have seen a lot of weddings, but this one was really something. To start with, it lasted for three days! Beautifully organised and choreographed, it was something to behold, with elegant guests, exclusive venues, amazing décor, food and a list of entertainment that just wouldn’t stop. As […]