David Toms the property photographer in Marbella

David Toms – The property photographer in Marbella

Many of you might know me better as a wedding photographer, and yes, it is one of my specialities and something I really do love doing, but I have also always been very much involved with other types of work.

When you become known for one thing people sometimes forget that’s not all you do, so here’s something from one of my other passions: architectural photography. I especially love working on Marbella’s modern, open-plan villas like this because they offer uncluttered space, large windows that allow you to offer perspectives towards the outdoors and the often stunning views, and because you get to work with those amazing angles and highlight the architectural and interior styling.

Property photographer costa del solProperty photographer SpainProperty photographer MarbellaProperty photographer SpainProperty photographer MarbellaProperty photographer Costa del SolProperty photographer Costa del SolIt requires a completely different approach, and where with weddings you are dealing with people and looking to convey atmosphere and emotion through spontaneous or intimate images, here it is all about how you work with composition, angles and lighting. You’re always looking to highlight something and draw attention to special features, but you must give a sense of the ambience of the property. This is why I like to give a sense of the lifestyle these Costa del Sol properties offer and the atmosphere the home breathes out.

Day shots with beautiful, sunny light bring freshness to a house while the light of especially early evening is warm and exciting. I like to bring out the deep blue hues of clear days, when the sky seems to be reflected in the folds of Marbella’s La Concha Mountain and you count yourself lucky to be living in a place like this. Interior shots need to be well balanced, so that inside and outside live in harmony, and intimate spaces such as an indoor pool, a private spa or a home cinema should have a warm and inviting feel. It is all about working with the available architecture and reflecting the lifestyle that the property and Marbella has to offer, and that is great fun to do.

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Thomas said : Report one year ago

Good afternoon David, Im writing to request a quote for a photo session at a small 3 bedroom 3 bathroom chalet close to Marbesa. Purpose of the photos is for AirBNB. Many thanks in advance for your time. Regards, Thomas

Richard said : Report 2 years ago

Hi, I have just taken on a property that I need photographing, it’s a €2.3m 3000sqft villa. Could you let me know your cost and availability please. Kind regards, Richard Cartwright

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