Advice for the groom on his wedding day – Part 2

More great advice for the groom on his wedding day!

In the previous blog I imparted some advice for the aspiring groom, based not so much on personal experience as on the fact that I’ve been to a great many weddings in my line of work.

First of all it’s important to remember that this is your wife-to-be’s big day, then to remember that it’s also a very special moment in your life, and last but not least how important this event is to both sets of parents and family.

If you look and feel good, have things organised so you feel calm and collected, then you will also be there for your bride and ready to enjoy the day fully. Looking smart and handsome on the day – and taking sensible precautions against our summer heat – you will remind your girl why you’re the one, but here also some tips on how to make the day even more special:

Be chivalrous – if ever there was a moment to show your chivalrous side this is it. Turn your head to see your bride as she comes up the aisle and tell her how beautiful she is – and when you’re exchanging vows, look her in the eye.

Remember the important people – of course your friends are important, but a wedding is above all a moment for family. This is a momentous occasion for all the people who love you, especially your parents and grandparents, so remember to spend time with them. Above all, don’t forget about your wife!

The dreaded speech – can actually be a great moment too, but if you’re not a natural speaker or comedian it’s best to keep it simple. Don’t read from a page but also don’t try to memorise it all. Write some short notes and remember the main things you want to mention, but speak from the heart and you are less likely to be nervous.

The delivery – no, I haven’t fast-forwarded to the birthing room, I’m talking about the delivery of the speech, and what to put in and leave out. By all means thank the important people, including those who have helped to organise the day. Don’t be tempted to swear or tell dirty jokes, that’s your gran and her dad sitting there! And if you do it before or between courses and tell everyone how lovely your wife is, your married life will have got off to a great start.

Groom preparations at wedding

wedding photography by David Toms

wedding photography by David Toms

david toms wedding photography

groom embracing bride at wedding

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