Advice for the groom on his wedding day

 Advice for the groom on his wedding day

I know I’m hardly a fashion freak but I’ve been at enough weddings to know the dos and don’ts. Get it wrong and it can be a bit of disaster, but get it right and it will be an amazing day and a lasting memory for your bride, your family and yourself. After all, it’s important that you do everything you can to make sure this is a truly special experience for your wife to be. It’s her big day, but it’s also yours, so make sure you’re a part of it too, that you’re comfortable with what’s been planned, have had a chance to add your own ideas and are truly looking forward to it too.

If you’re committed to the day, focusing on your wife and family while enjoying it too, then most everything will fall into place. With a little help from the event organisers, your friends and family of course. Here are some tips you might find useful on the day:

Be organised – having planned the important things ahead takes away a lot of stress and gives you the time to enjoy the day

Look smart – good grooming is the first step, so make sure you’ve had a haircut recently, shave well the day before and put enough good aftershave on. I know it may sound a bit girly, but if you have the opportunity a facial and manicure won’t go unappreciated. Your wife is taking a lot of trouble to look sexy for you, so it’s only fair to be smart yourself.

Look sharp – if ever there was a time to have polished shoes this is it. A suit is a good idea, but given the climate here you want to avoid heavy three-piece or 100% cotton suits, or for that matter sweaty armpit inducing synthetic shirts. Keep it light and fresh for during the day or if you have to go all classic and dapper for the wedding ceremony itself then it’s a good idea to have a spare shirt available or even a waistcoat to replace the jacket with later on.

Stand out – make sure no one has reason to confuse you with the groomsmen. Think of your posture – you are the man of the moment – don’t chew gum, have the girls cover up any blemishes with a touch of makeup if necessary, keep a handkerchief handy to wipe your brow and a cool pair of shades won’t do any harm either.

If you’ve made it to the wedding venue looking cool, calm and collected, ready to wow your lady and be wowed back in return, then you’re all set to enjoy your day as it should be. In my next blog I’ll give some advice on the dos and don’ts during the day itself.

Groom wedding photography

Wedding photography by David Toms


groom wedding photography

Groom at wedding by David Toms


wedding photography- groom party


Groom waistcoat at wedding

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