Top tips for brides marrying in Spain

Top tips for brides marrying in Spain
Now as you know I’m quite a blokey guy, biking leathers and all, so I wouldn’t dream of telling brides what to do when it comes to all that girlie stuff, but you see, over the years I have been to a lot of weddings and I have seen what makes it a great success and where it can go wrong, so here’s some tips that might prove useful.

  • Make sure more than 10 people at the wedding have all the details down and also the contact numbers of all the key participants
  • If you’ve got special activities planned it’s always a good idea to send your guests information about them so they come prepared
  • Make sure you leave enough time for a bit of trial and error when it comes to hair and make-up. Very tight time planning can lead to stress and chaotic scenes
  • Also, look at the person as well as the end result when choosing hair and make-up people as you’ll be spending a lot of time with them on your special day
  • Have your own space to get ready in, not 10 bridesmaids getting ready in the same room with you
  • Bring champagne and music
  • Have a fitting before you leave for Spain and ensure the dress is 100 per cent before you take it with you
  • Even so, always bring spare pins, needle and thread, as well as hair pins for when you take off the veil
  • In case of long dresses, also bring talcum powder and fitting gloves
  • Leave those fancy high heels for when you step out, but in between wear comfortable shoes – there are some really cool bridal flip flops that allow for the dress to drop
  • Have a small bag with you to carry lippy, powder and tissues for the tears…
  • Bouquets are made locally, so make sure they fit with what you’re wearing and that they are comfortable to carry in your hand. This means the florist must cut out all stamens to avoid stains – and obviously thorns too!
  • A while ago it was very fashionable to have a detachable dress bottom. If you do wear one of these for the wedding ceremony it is advisable to change it to a shorter one for the partying afterwards. Also, lose the long veil before you go to the reception, as it stops people standing on it and you falling over it

Finally: relax and be open to enjoy the moment, stand still every now and again and look around you, take it all in. Your photographer will make sure he catches the things you miss, but meanwhile just open your mind and heart, and let your senses really open up to this wonderful, fun and above all profound experience.

Don’t worry be happy!

Bride getting her make-up done for wedding

Bride getting hair done at wedding

Bride getting the wedding dress on

Rushing bride at wedding

Happy bride ready for her wedding day

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