David Toms – the Costa Del Sol Property Photographer

Some Extravagant Properties as seen through the lens of
David Toms – the Costa Del Sol Property Photographer

To many, David Toms is a talented and sought-after wedding photographer, and the favourite of many a couple choosing to marry in Southern Spain, but there is another side to this versatile professional.

Costa Del Sol Property Photographer

As a photographer who learned his trade the classic way, as an understudy to some of the top photographers in London, David still belongs to the pre-digital generation that learned not only how to develop and scan their images to perfection, but also how to get 110% out of the camera when shooting. “When you’re shooting with film you can’t just snap away. Film was expensive and we couldn’t look back and the delete the ones we weren’t happy with, so you really had to make your shots count – and that was before the days of retouching on Photoshop.”

David Toms property photographer

Like all good photographers, though, David has mastered digital photography with the same degree of flair and skill he displayed in film. Does he miss that medium in any way? “The filming and scanning process gave you a little more personal control and it highlighted the photographer’s skill, but digital photography has come on so much that the quality differential has basically disappeared and we’re very happy to work with it.”

Property photography Costa del Sol

One of the genres that requires the greatest amount of skill is architectural photography, which encompasses the ability to work with angles, distorted dimensions and above all, lighting. The images you see in the best décor magazines and most exclusive property brochures are made by people who are masters at playing with light – balancing outdoor and interior light, and harnessing rich natural tones, hues and colours to create either clear, crisp images or flood with them atmosphere and meaning.

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The fact that David possesses this skill has seen him commissioned to photograph some of the most magnificent villas, hotels and interiors in this region. From rustic and cosy to large, modern and imposing, he has committed a huge variety of architectural styles to print, working with both natural light and studio lighting with large soft boxes to produce stunning professional effects. It’s all about portraying the lifestyle feel of the property, so from the romantically moody, where soft light flows into a room, to perspectives that extend through panoramic windows to include views that stretch all the way to North Africa, David has captured them all, combining technical skill with an artistic eye to produce optimal results.

David Toms property photography

David Toms photography


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David Toms the property photographer

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