Adding a touch of fun with Partyboothz – Fun wedding ideas!

Partyboothz – Fun wedding ideas!

Now we all know that marriage is a serious business, a commitment built on love and togetherness, but a wedding day is an expression of joy and happiness that infects even the most unromantic of people. So it’s hardly strange that those who come to share in your happiness want to make a fun occasion of it, as well as a memorable one.

Most weddings are therefore joyous occasions, where friends, family and of course the intended couple come together in a place of beauty that symbolises our sense of wonder at that mystical bond that unites two people. The early sense of nervous expectation soon gives way to pure joy, and if everything goes smoothly you have the makings of a wonderful party.

Photo Booth tentBeautiful decorations, a romantic setting, live music and lots of love and laughter form the background for a truly great wedding day, but now there is a new addition that has become a must-have element – Partyboothz.

The Partyboothz is essentially a photo tent that is set up outside or indoors, depending on the venue, where guests can pop in and have fun photos taken with all kinds of madcap backgrounds and props. The essence here is having fun, as well as creating great reminders of a special day. I’m very happy to add this bit of fun entertainment to my range of services, and in so doing provide a great option for a wedding favour.

So, for those people who are keen to make it a fun day we now have the Partyboothz available!

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