David Toms shoots the Urban Soul Orchestra

David Toms Professional Photographer shoots the Urban Soul Orchestra

As a string ensemble that bridges the divide between classical music, jazz and pop, the Urban Soul Orchestra is made up of a collective of classically trained artists that bring their genre right into the 21st century.

In an era where too many young people focus solely on vocal skills and stardom in itself, the real artist – i.e. the musician and songwriter – is in danger of being undervalued. We’re so used to listening to studio-manipulated recordings and downloading music onto modern audio devices that some of us don’t appreciate how live music can make you feel. Of course a pop or rock concert is great, but if you broaden your horizons you’ll find that there is so much out there to discover and enjoy. It may not be all to your taste, but there will be some amazing revelations to be had as you fill your treasure trove with musical gems that have the power to awe and inspire.

I love the Urban Soul Orchestra because they are highly trained and gifted musicians who produce a great sound. It’s beautiful to see an orchestra at work; so many people doing their own thing but bringing it together to create something even more beautiful than the individual instrument,” says David. “These guys perform in all kinds of settings, from recording sessions and private events to the Proms. I love how they start classical and then rock the place.”

Led by their own conductor, Stephen Hussey, this group of talented string musicians, drummers and vocalists offers a range of musical experiences ranging from pure classical to big band, jazz, pop and even trance. No wonder they are the ultimate musical accompaniment to weddings, corporate launches and cultural events.

Browse the following shots taken by David Toms when the Urban Soul Orchestra were here on the Costa del Sol.

male singersinger of Urban SoulDuring performanceDuetFemale singerlady singer of Urban SoulOn stageUrban SoulViolin solo

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