The Fiestasol and David Toms Wedding Photography touch

Stunning work by David Toms Wedding Photography

David  has been working with Heather of Fiestasol for several years now, a collaboration between wedding planner and photographer that has produced many beautiful and memorable weddings organised and catered by Heather and captured by David.   “I enjoy working with Heather,” says David. “She’s highly organised and works really hard to ensure that everything looks stunning and runs perfectly on the day.” Since Heather also caters to private villa weddings there have been some wonderful backdrops for David to work on. “Picture this: an elegant marquis set in a tropical garden by a large swimming pool as the sun sets. In the distance you can see Marbella and the coast, and everywhere there are pretty lights and people having fun. There’s so much to work with.”

  David captures these moments, but also the more informal ones when the bride is getting ready, the bridesmaids are gathering and family and friends are showing anxious anticipation. He finds the men of the family, the groom with his friends around him, and also sees details in the decoration, the dresses and the wedding jewellery. Amid all of this he portrays the personality of the bride and groom, and their nearest and dearest, using the rich Spanish light and evocative architecture and scenery as a painter would a canvas.   Happy to do what he is best at, he prizes a working relationship in which each professional brings out the best in the other.  For information on financing check out What is an online Title Loan?   Take a browse though a small selection of images produced by this creative partnership….

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